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Step-Moms and Mother’s Day!

heart-inside-envelope-mothers-day-wahmaddictsWhat gives me the authority to talk about what Step-Moms deserve on Mother’s Day?  Over thirty years of service to four step-kids does!  Now, it’s not so much the length of time as it is the journey.  What society, statistics and birth moms have to say is not the point. Let me just say this, just because you give birth doesn’t make you Mom of the Year!  Before anyone takes offense, please keep reading to fully understand the reason for my post.

Showing gratitude for your mom or your stepmom or anyone for that matter should not be restricted to one day a year. I think we can all agree on that!  Step-moms accept any form of thoughtfulness because that is just who we are.  Of course, I can’t speak for all but there are more that feel this way then you may realize.  We have come to accept that we cannot compete with a biological mom. Frankly, it’s not a competition. She is the Mom! I, myself, am also a mom of three. Four, if you count my husband. Am I right Ladies? That is another post altogether! Ha!  However, we take a lot of crap (for lack of a better word) because of that very concept.

Some would say, that I knew what I was getting into before I married him. I agree to a point.  I was young (17) and he already had four kids and the ink was dry on the divorce papers well before I even met him. When we got together, marriage was the last thing on either of our minds.  I waited six years before saying I do because of the hurdles we had to overcome to get to that point. During that time, my role was still the same regardless if there was a marriage license in place or not.  Ours was one of those stories you heard about on Oprah or Dr. Phil. Mom just referred to me as the “babysitter.” Last I checked, babysitters were not 24/7/365!

I was there for the doctor and hospital visits, anything school related, conferences, those lovely teen years, prom, graduation, marriages, divorces, grandchildren, remarriages, deaths in the family including loss of a spouse. You name it! I was the one on call. I did so willingly and gladly. To this day, all four will tell you just who was really there for them and still is to this day.

I have seen the hurt in my husband’s eyes every time his visitation was repeatedly denied. I know the condition those kids lived in because she would not do what was best for them.  Waiving child support was the only way to get full custody. We just wanted her to be their mom in every sense of the word. Guess that was too much to ask. My paycheck went to help support our family and always has. I am sure I am not the only stepmom who lives this daily! This started in the early 80’s. Now, it seems that these situations are at a whole new level.  You can get more of understanding from a previous post Mom, The 25 Hour Day Job

Moms come in many forms. Including those that are both mom and dad. Another sad situation where once again, the children draw the short straw. Step-Moms have been labeled with a certain stigma. If the shoe fits, so be it. However, before you go judging that step-mom, get her story first.  Many kids don’t even know what really goes on behind the scenes and they really shouldn’t. They are often left to feel torn between the two and leaving them not to really show how much a step-parent means to them because they don’t want to cause hurt feelings or drama. I can understand that. Getting back to an earlier statement, I wish the “mom” would have stepped up as the title indicates. It would have made my life, just that “My Life”. I sacrificed my career and so much more just so they could have what they deserved; someone who was there for them!

You may be a mom, step-mom, grandmother, aunt or even a mom to a furbaby! Whatever role you took on, You deserve this recognition today and every day!

May you have a truly blessed Mother’s Day!

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Home Business Information

Deciding to become a Work at home mom is a huge decision. It should not be taken lightly or jumped into too quickly. There are many things to consider. Weighing the pros and cons of each side of this industry is extremely important. After conducting extensive research for over 16 years, The WAHM Addict LLC has seen this WAHW – Work at Home World change considerably.


The following tasks are highly suggested:

  • Do your homework
  • Check and double check
  • Research, Ask Question, Research Again.
  • Read reviews written by work at home moms

The Wahm Addict LLC provides the information geared to help you make the decision that is best for you and your family based on your needs.  Only you know what that is. We provide a variety of options to consider before making that leap. It’s an exciting world! The WAHW is where you can dream big and get paid too! Type your paragraph here.

Take the time to think about the following:

  • Evaluate your passions, interests, and skills.
  • What do you need from all this besides a paycheck?
  • Do you have a support system at home? Friend, family, babysitter, spouse/partner? Most likely there will be times you will need some kind of support. If you’re going to choose this route, the most important people in your life need to be on board with your decision. It will affect them also, as there will be times when you need an extra hand. This needs to be on your checklist when making this decision.
  • Do you want a  job or do you want to be your own boss?  There is a difference! Work at home jobs still come with restrictions, such as time. Find out all the complete details before applying or accepting a job. Being your own boss sounds glamorous, but it is an even bigger responsibility.  Can you commit?
  • Starting your own home business usually involves some kind of start up. Start-up fees for materials and kits are normal. Make a list of what it will take financially to start and run your business before you make a decision.  The initial out of pocket fees vary greatly depending on which business you choose.
  • Can you carve out a couple hours a day to start a home business?
  • Do you want to do in-home parties? Find out if it is a requirement for the company you are considering.
  •  Do you know how to market this business?  Is there help provided?   What kind of help? Interview the person providing your home business information.  This person will be your “upline”.
  •  Don’t just see if you fit the profile for them.  Do they fit for you?  What kind of support do they offer and in what form?  Do they hold meetings, and are you required to attend?
  • Don’t expect them to hold your hand. This is a business; 95% will be your responsibility.
  • Are you afraid of failing?  Guess what?  You’re not alone. That’s ok.  It’s called learning. Most everyone has started where you are right now. It takes time and patience. It’s good to be cautious, but remind yourself that you’re worth this chance.  As long as you can keep getting up and trying again, it’s worth doing.
  • We can do this together! You’re not alone!


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Do’s & Don’ts of Networking

Chances are if you are in a network marketing company let’s use Avon for example. Avon representatives are everywhere! Avon has been around for130 years! That is crazy when you think about it. Can you imagine if you joined the company early on and where you would now as a rep?  This concept applies to any company. Many are unsure when a company is new. Wondering about the risks. More importantly, what if it works?!

 Now ask you…What is going to make me choose you as my Avon rep instead of someone else? Let me ask you…What can you offer me that others don’t? TIME! If you take the time with me to explain your products, or for example, samples you offer to try before I buy, helping me find a solution such as dry skin…we are building a relationship!! Is it going to take time, are those samples going to cost you money, you bet it? However, I can tell you that little bit of effort is going to make me come to you first before going to someone else. This can turn me into a repeat customer! Isn’t this what you want?

Sure you have a website but if no one knows who you are or how to find you, how long is your business going to last?  Talk to people.  Let them get to know you before pitching your business. You are what is going to make or break your business. You are the best part of your business!

Many of our social media pages on Facebook help engage Networking. We host networking events such as Marketing Monday, Tagging Tuesday, Website Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Fan Page Friday, Share your Business Saturday and Share your Sales Sunday.  Open Walls are another favorite as everyone loves to brag about their business. These events help build up a Facebook pages and encourage engagement for networkers to connect. Visit our social media pages and see how you can join these events.


Networking Do’s

Networking Don’ts

  • Make a habit of talking to at least one new person a day, or at least a few times a week. It adds up.
  • The key is in the follow-up.  Make contact with your new potential customer/client as soon as possible.
  • If you’re not getting the results you want, try something different.
  • Listen. Pay attention to what others are saying.
  • Improve your communication skills.
  • Evaluate the quality of your work and make sure what you have to offer is of value.
  • Exercise Time Management.
  • Organize & keep good records of your contacts.
  • Ask permission to use someone’s name.
  • Thank you notes go a long way.
  • Do dress the part. Presentation goes a long way.
  • Smile! Even when you’re on the phone. It shows in your voice.
  • Be friendly & helpful.  You will build a relationship with others faster and stronger.
  • Write as you would speak whether it is in an email or private messaging. Using proper grammar and spelling.
  • Don’t forget about the people who have helped you.
  • Don’t take rejection personally. People get busy and they may have the best of intentions.
  • Don’t just send an email, they are easily sent, and easy to ignore.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.
  • Don’t hijack a conversation
  • Don’t jump into a sales pitch when you first meet someone.
  • Don’t spam!
  • Don’t just jump in.  Have a plan.
  • Don’t treat everyone you meet as a prospect.  If you use this approach you will turn people off.
  • Don’t trash talk about anyone or anything.
  • Don’t hand out your business card to every person you meet. Get to know them first and see if you can potentially work together.
  • Never run out of business cards.
  • Don’t leave home without business cards/brochure/catalogs. Have it on hand should someone show interest.
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Mom: The 25 Hour a Day Job!

daddy-and-child-walking-wahm-addictsBeing a Mom was the only real plan I ever had for my future!
I did have dreams of having my own business, but knowing what that looked like didn’t come until later in life. Raising kids from the time I was 17 taught me about the real world – fast!
When we first got together, he didn’t have the kids nor did he see them much. Now, before you jump to conclusions, this was back in the early 80’s and the laws were so very different. There was no joint custody in our county in Michigan. It was reasonable visitation. Basically, that meant whenever he was given permission to visit. Even then, the plans didn’t work out most of the time. The child support was paid and more. According to the court, you just better pay your support. If you complain about not getting your visitation, that is a separate issue and you have to file a motion for that. Oh, by the way, keep paying that support even though they never see it. The new man of the house handles all of the finances.
I always encouraged and supported his fight for his kids. After all, they didn’t get a voice.  He did what he was could when he was permitted. At seventeen, the last thing I ever expected was to come home from high school my senior year and find his ex-wife at my kitchen table. The next thing I knew, I was taking care of their four kids full time. All while he was still paying child support. So I got trained on the job – real quick!
I never tried to be “the mom.” Even though they wanted to call me mom. I enforced the truth, which was that they had one mom and one dad.  Especially when they called their biological father their “other” dad. As that is what they were instructed to do. This was the best way to help them make sense of it all. That didn’t go over to well with the ex, but oh well. The view from our side was very different than most you hear about. This is not about bashing anyone, it’s just about the truth. 
Even after all the heartache and tears, I still wanted to have my own children. Most have told me that would have been the best birth control ever! Ha! I wouldn’t marry him until we finally had full custody and they were all living with us full time. The only way to make that happen was to not go after her for child support. We didn’t care, we just wanted to give them stability. That meant I was helping financially also for children that I was constantly reminded were not mine. 
Once I had my first child, 24 years ago, we decided to put my career on hold and stay home full time.  A few years later, I had twins. Now I knew, I was not going back to work. With 3 young kids and a couple of teens still in the house, it was the best thing for our family.  In 2001, my twins were two and I began working at home. I heard all the sarcastic comments about how it is not a real business, but that boat that I bought my husband proved otherwise. Many just have a mindset of 9 to 5.  
I remember putting my twins in a playpen or in front of a TV just to get a little work done. Business calls were made during that time and I apologized ahead of time for any noise or crying that could happen at any moment. The sacrifice of personal time, television and socializing to work on my business became the norm. I have been a work at home mom ever since. 
After 34 years of being together, those four kids all have kids of their own. Raising kids today is so much different than back then. I read all these stories about step-families and the drama they go through. It is all very sad really when you think about it.  Most of it could have been avoided if the adults would conduct themselves as such.  
Set an example and live by it. Easier said than done. Parenting is a never-ending job and here is a newsflash for you – it does not end at 18! It may not continue in the same context. You may not be working the 25 hr shift anymore, but your mind never stops!  You will still lose sleep, you still worry and there is nothing you can do it about it now because they are over 18! 
I may ruffle some feathers with my view, but if you had walked in my shoes and knew the whole story, you may think differently. It amazes me how some moms are today. They have no clue where their kids are, what they are doing or who they are with. The kids use the excuse that it’s just what kids do today. That is just that an excuse. Being a parent is more important than being a friend. That within itself is a problem with today’s youth. 
I honestly believe that Mom’s today put to much pressure on themselves to do everything right! The kids are gonna get into the finger paint even if it is sealed and high on a dresser. They are going to pull all of their clothes out of that dresser. Chances are an older sibling will try and stuff a younger one in that drawer while the other one falls asleep in the closet. When you look back, you just have to laugh and even cry because you miss those times as you watch those little kids get ready to turn 18. 
Your business will always be there! Moments with your children today are tomorrow’s memories. 
I welcome your viewpoints and comments! 
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32 Websites to Find Free Stock Photos

Creating images can be time-consuming and costly to purchase images or pay someone to create them. Finding the image you want, creating the look you want your image to have, adding any text and then resizing it to fit a certain platform all takes times! You want to make money now right?
Why not eliminate one step right now and get inspired with a free copy of our checklist:
Download the ones you want, rename your files for SEO. Add them to your phone, tablet or computer and have them ready to go next time you need an image.
Using images from Google is not the way to go. It can get you in serious trouble and you could even receive a bill that could potentially put you out of business. It just is not worth taking the risk.  That is why is is so very important read through all the copyright restrictions and keep good records on where you obtained your images and when. Copying other people’s content without permission can also lead to be more problems and ruin your reputation.
It has happened to us and a few others we know. It is so easy for people to take your image, cut out your info and reuse it as their own. I, personally have no problem calling someone out for that type of unprofessional behavior. With all the time and effort to that goes into personalizing your images, you want to make sure that your images are yours.
Knowing what you can and cannot do with images will save you a ton of time and money!
So we put together our first Free Stock Photo Checklist!
Be sure to click the link and sign up for your free PDF file. It will arrive in your confirmation email with a specific link to your file.
Click here for your Checklist!
Let us know which of these become your favorites.
Stay tuned as we have more resources coming soon.
Building on Your Success!
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